Saturday, June 30, 2012

Grieving: some resources

Ways to support people who are grieving

Resources for children from the Lutheran Children's Hospital
Forget-Me-Not Program
Stages of Grief
Grief and Bereavement

Mourner's Bill of Rights 
Physical and Emotional Signs of Grief
Planning the Funeral 
Glossary of Death-Related Terms 
Helping Yourself Heal When Your Child Dies 
Helping Your Child Cope with Death 
Hints for Holiday Coping
A Child's Common Reactions and Feelings Toward Death 
Memory-Making and Healing Activities
Telling Children about the Death of a Loved One
Should Children Attend Funerals?

Good Grief from Living Lutheran

Grief and Loss workbook from Bethesda Lutheran Communities

Grieving a significant loss

Grief and loss - how can i help

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